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In today's challenging corporate, regulatory, legal and accounting environment, there is a need for robust and independent valuation services, which are aligned with globally accepted practices.

Alwin and Knight have valuation consultants with specialized experience in providing such valuation services to both our global clients and clients in India.


Our opinion is based on vast experience and sound professional judgment in valuations of companies and assets. The team of valuation consultants in India is also well-equipped with the necessary technical knowledge and training to cater to any complex valuation-related situation that the client needs a solution to.

We provide valuation services in relation to:

  • Transactions, which include restructuring and divestments for price determination/negotiation

  • Financing and strategic management purposes

  • Financial reporting purposes, which include purchase price allocation, testing for investment/goodwill impairment, ESOP valuation etc

  • Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution

  • Financial instruments including debt, hybrid, and convertible instruments

  • Intangibles like brand, trademark, Intellectual property etc

  • Portfolio valuation for venture capital funds, private equity funds and other alternative investment funds

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