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Risk Advisory

With the changing external and internal environment, businesses are under constant pressure to maintain the effectiveness of their processes and controls. Any failure in executing or managing critical operations can not only impact the organization to a great extent but also creates a negative impression on the organization’s stakeholder values. With an increase in corporate failures, there is an additional focus from regulators, financial institutions, as well as independent directors on the way various processes, controls, and IT securities are being managed.


Our risk practice is a combination of process, IT security and forensics experts. We provide a one-stop solution to our multiple clients on their risk and process needs. The team has an array of experts possessing industry-specific expertise.


Our risk services encompass the following:

• Governance Consulting

• Risk and Operations consulting 
• IT and cybersecurity 
• Forensic investigation

What makes us different?
Partner-led delivery: With more accessibility at the senior level, every client engagement partner draws upon the firm’s depth of specialist resources to deliver prompt, effective and consistent service.


Technical specialists: Our diverse national technical team consists of process experts, forensic accountants, lawyers, enforcement experts, background intelligence specialists, forensic technology and field experts, as well as cyber and IT security specialists. We combine the strengths of each to deliver solutions to dynamic Indian businesses.


Remain relevant to business: We believe in giving recommendations which are practically implementable and add value to the business. We work with businesses in implementing the controls.

Governance consulting

A thorough governance analysis including document review and interviews with key governance players as well as an optional on-line confidential governance survey to analyze a board's strengths and weaknesses, upon which governance development recommendations can be considered.

Risk & Operational Consulting

Every organization faces ever-present risks from employee conduct, third-parties, technology, data, business processes, and controls. An agile, well-defined approach can help meet core business needs while optimizing strategic flexibility. Manage operational risk to help power performance with help from Alwin and Knight

IT & Cyber Security Consulting

Protect your enterprise by identifying and managing vulnerabilities through assessments, simulations and mitigation strategies. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated. Cyber-crime is now one of the most lucrative “industries” on the black market. Manage your Cyber Security with help from Alwin and Knight



The team of Alwin and Knight can help your organization in the forensic audit and the fraud risk assessments by conducting multiple activities. We have helped a number of Investors and Bankers for identifying the red flags associated with the financial statement frauds. We have developed our own in-house algorithm to spot the financial statement frauds.

“Business people need to understand the psychology of risk more than the mathematics of risk.”

Paul Gibbons

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