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Learning and Development Academy is an upskilling service offering of Alwin and Knight providing result-oriented finance and accounting courses to professionals and students. Our impactful programmes can be customized to help you gain skills and capabilities in your areas of interest.

In the digital age of machine learning, we strongly believe in retaining the advantages of a classroom environment, making the most of group learning while paying extra attention to resolving individual queries. Our trainers are seasoned experts who will share their experiences along with the best practices followed in the industry.

Learning and Development Center will leverage Alwin and Knight's rich experience in different domains across various industries and its knowledge base to share practical insights, helping participants understand and learn contemporary complex concepts.

Modes of training - Classroom session


Why us?

  • Access to a network of international firms with relevant experience

  • Knowledge of International GAAP, commercial application

  • Market credibility

  • Vast experience of delivering training sessions

  • Standard, globally accepted training methodology

Find the Right Course for you

ACCA's Diploma in IFRS

Happy Businessman

Finance for Non Finance

Business Meeting

Certification in Financial Modelling & Valuation

Stock Charts in the Newspaper
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Learning & Development Center 
by Alwin & Knight

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