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Start-Up eCFO

"You Quit Your Job to Change the World"


Not to record entries in books of accounts or prepare board reports.

Accounting needs to be someone’s #1 priority & that someone is 

"Alwin & Knight - Start-Up eCFO"


A Premium eCFO Service for Startups

For Business Support Services required for Early Stage Businesses and through their journey beyond. These Services are designed specifically for startups for their needs and budget with intact standards and professionalism of Alwin & Knight

Why Choose AK Start-Up eCFO?

1. Your Privacy is our Priority

Your Privacy and Personal information are more precious than any money. You will not get any call from any Insurance agent, Bank Loan Agent, or Mutual Fund Agent; because of us. 

2. Services Supported by In-house Chartered Accountants

We only file CA Assisted Returns, to maximize your Compliance and minimize your Problems. We do not hire un/semi-qualified consultants to work on your accounts to save a few hundred.

3. Personalized Premium Services

Every Client is assigned to an accountant and CA, who is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of your work.

Think of us when you need

Incorporation & Registrations

Have you decided between Pvt Ltd or LLP ?

First, we understand your business needs, your current status and future aspirations, only then we suggest your legal form of business. There are many aspects to a legal status which we should consider. We help in your journey from Employee to Employer and from ''Dreams to Dare to Do''.


Accounting & Compliances

No garbage in, hence no garbage out


Recording and classifying daily transactions, reconciling bank accounts, managing account receivables and payables, cash application against invoices, payroll, and maintaining GAAP-compliant books. We test your transaction classification against thousands of similar transactions to get the classification correct. No garbage in!

Interim CFO

Who is explaining your financials to your Board?


Executive-level financial leadership, including preparing for and attending Board meetings, creating financial forecasts, tracking Key Performance Indicators, providing a eagle eye view to the senior management of what is important to focus on.

Fund-raising Help

Ever get true feedback on your pitch?

When was the last time someone gave you actionable feedback on your pitch? Did someone translate VC English into normal English that you could understand? How much money to raise? At what valuation? How to get that valuation? Which VC to talk to? How to get to them?

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